The Greater Kansas City USBC Board of Directors


President Darrell Guyer Email
Vice President Jerry Emanuel Email
Sargeant at Arms Bob Fields Email
Association Manager Toby Contreras Email
Administrative Assistant Tricia Mamer Email

Directors Emeritus

Director Emeritus Lillian Green Email
Director Emeritus Charles McField, Sr. Email
Director Emeritus Dr. Richard Renfro Email

Active Life Members

Active Life Member Ken Chaffin Email
Active Life Member Chuck Wobbe Email


Director Dick Cargyle Email
Director Sherwyn Contreras Email
Director John Deatherage Email
Director Vicki Fender Email
Director Scott Knisley Email
Director Heather Kovanda Email
Director Morris Ross III Email
Director Brenda Strodtman Email
Director Steve Schumacher Email
Director Cocoa Watson Email
Director Tommy Yazell Email

Youth Directors

Youth Director Mike Laack, Sr. Email
Youth Director Karen Spencer Email
Youth Director Sydney Horton Email
Youth Director Megan Knisley Email

Lane Representatives

Lane Representative Winnie DeSmedt Email
Lane Representative Beth Fields Email
Lane Representative Sandy Hicklin Email
Lane Representative Betsy Schmidt Email
Lane Representative Jerry Stover Email
Lane Representative Jacques Westerfield Email

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