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2011 Senior Tournament Comes to a Close

By: Dennis Hacker on 11/28/2011

The 2011 Greater KCUSBC Senior Championships have concluded, and the standings for the Handicapped Singles for both Men and Women are posted. According to Association Manager Toby Contreras, the virtual doubles will be done sometime this week. We'll post those standings as soon as they are available.

League Secretary Workshop

By: Steve Schumacher on 7/27/2011

The League Secretary Workshop will be held August 6, 2011, 12 PM at Lunar Bowl. This workshop will help new secretaries in managing their league, as well as returning secretaries by answering any questions. All league officers are encouraged to attend, and the workshop is open to all USBC members. The league packets containing your certification information, awards applications, etc. will be distributed at the meeting. We feel this will be a wonderful opportunity for you to get to know the KCUSBC, have any questions answered, and try to avert any potential problems with league management. We also see this as a chance for returning secretaries to share their knowledge and any tips learned over the years. We hope to see everyone there!

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